Move to the rhythm of your soul.

Ecstatic Flow is a training technology for the mind-body-heart and soul that evolves students to their highest coherent, balanced, embodied and multi dimensional self. In this 100 hour advanced teacher training you will learn how to craft and facilitate, leading edge, deeply transformational experiences for your students. 


I have witnessed many practices but I have never experienced the depth and power of conscious movement so attuned and authentically embodied to each individuals unique gifts. This training was beyond all our expectations.

– 2019 Graduate


This is the second time that this training has been offered in New Zealand and is intentionally kept to limited numbers to create high quality facilitators.   The faculty are all highly experienced and deeply understand the power of embodied ecstatic flow experiences to create healing and powerful change in peoples lives.  Are you ready to stand beside us and spread this gift into the world?

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Training  Dates: 2 – 12 September 2020 | New Plymouth


  • Learn how to weave free form movement seamlessly in to your asana classes.
  • Lead transformational Ecstatic Flow experiences.
  • Theme inspiring classes in different teaching contexts.
  • Dive into embodiment practices and learn how to offer them with clarity.
  • Learn basic Dj skills with our experienced Dj teachers.
  • Understand how to create a playlist that deepens your students experience.
  • Effortlessly lead your students to the edge of their movement potential.
  • Create a heart centred community and following with ease.
  • Demystify and simplify Tantra philosophy and theme its transformational teachings through out your offerings
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Daily Schedule:

8.30 – 11.30 am  – Morning meditation and embodiment practices 

11.30 – 1.00 pm – Brunch and break

1 – 3pm – Free movement lab 

3-4 pm – Break

4- 6pm –DJ  Technical lab 

The daily schedule will be subject to change based on the day and the needs of the students.

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Sarsha is an embodied, passionate, clear and soulful teacher, who has been teaching Yoga and free from movement for over 18 years. She is a certified 500 hour teacher and an Embodied Flow teacher.   Her retreats, trainings and workshop classes blend together the best elements of vinyasa flow, mindfulness, embodiment practices and philosophy.  She established a thriving Ecstatic Dance community in Queenstown in 2015 and is the founder and director of Hope Wellness. Sarsha teaches, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally. 

One of her greatest passions is to create authentic community and connection leading students to their edge of their potential and aid them in to blossoming and sharing their greatest heart gifts.  Together we awaken and collectively shape the future of our world.

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Adele’s dream is to live in a world where yoga is medicine, desire is
celebrated, everyone exudes aliveness, and dancing in the streets is highly encouraged – if not mandatory.

Adele has a deep love of research, exploration and experimentation. Her life to date has seen this passion directed toward the tradition, styles, tools and methods of  yoga, and related areas such as restoring wellbeing, healing, working skilfully with the mind, and finding her own true meaning and purpose.

As well as being the founder and lead facilitator of RISE Yoga, Adele is an ERYT500hr yoga teacher with advanced trainings in Embodied Flow, Yoga Medicine and Prana Flow.

Adele’s passion for movement comes from her very first love – dance. She studied everything from ballet to hip hop, and was a dance teacher for many years. And then, at the sweet age of 25, the universe threw her a sudden spiritual grenade in the form of advanced stage bowel cancer. Literally overnight the world as she knew it was no more…

Faced with a 1 in 5 chance of survival, Adele embraced all the support she could, especially yoga – mostly simple breathing techniques and meditation – first as a way to manage the pain and the chemotherapy, then to heal and regain strength, and ultimately to help with all the doubt and worry she’d been carrying around.

That was 12 years ago and through the wins and the losses, yoga has been her anchor. She found the same challenge and fun she had in dance, and so much more. She supported and healed her body, overcame fears around her illness and found a way to live fully, with grace, gratitude and an open heart.

Adele has learned so much along the way, and her passion for feeling alive, strong and expressive is why her classes and programmes are like no other.

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ISMOS: AKA Olly Hart

From ancient rhythms, organic soundscapes to deep electronic beats ISMOS will take you on a sonic journey to remember. Venture into a fluidly blended lush forest of sound and let the universal dance take over. ISMOS has been bringing his unique groove to transformational festivals & Ecstatic Dance floors around the world helping his listeners move deeper into their own rhythm & heart.

Olly skilfully took the leadership role of Queenstown Ecstatic Dance in 2019 and has people raving about his deep understanding of the power of music and dance and his ability to take people on a deep soul healing journey.  Young in years but wise beyond his age, Olly again will be offering his wisdom in this second Ecstatic Flow training.

I loved all of this training and was ready to soak up and learn and experience and take myself to another level of self awareness - so grateful xx

2019 Graduate

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