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I use Yoga to create healing and freedom in the body.  Theta Healing to break self sabotaging limiting belief patterns of the mind and Ecstatic dance to connect to your authentic soul self.  It is when we understand and work with all aspects of self that we really can begin to create true freedom and joy in our lives.  Sarsha Hope wellness offers Yoga, Theta Healing, Ecstatic dance programs.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

Yoga Offering

Is your body strong, flexible, and pain free?

Sarsha is an experienced teacher that offers fun, inspiring, educational,  group, private and workshops sessions to help you achieve a flexible, strong, balanced pain free body.

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Theta Healing

Are you living your most contented and joyful life possible?

Theta Healing is a talk style therapy that can assist you to break free from self sabotaging, limiting belief patterns to help you create your most fulfilling life possible.

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Ecstatic Dance

Are you ready to get out of your head and into your heart?

Ecstatic Dance is a lively, sweaty, full body moving meditation that can help cultivate a deeper sense of presence, peace and joy in every day life.

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  • "The hip and back problems that plagued me before I started to practice yoga with Sarsha have gone completely"

    J Cran New Plynouth
  • "Wow! Being able to integrate Sarsha's beautiful way of teaching yoga, with her ability to tune into your body, listen to its story and help you release blocks in a gentle yet profound way is priceless. In a very short time frame, Sarsha assisted me to clear blocks in my body and movement patterns that I had spent years attempting to identify and unravel myself."

    Joss Hobson New Plymouth
  • I have had two Theta Healing sessions with Sarsha now, both of which have had a profound effect on me and my day to day life.

    Kelly Blacks Christchurch
  • Sarsha lead us through ways of dancing that created a sense of connection, with the music, with our bodies and with our souls. It was an incredible experience, one that surprised me and has stayed with me ever since. Whenever I get the chance to dance with Sarsha, I do, because she just has this way of connecting you with your soul.

    Kate Evans of New Plymouth
  • Wow! Is the best way for me to describe Sarsha’s classes. Because of Sarsha and the fact that she is a truly inspirational teacher, I am now a complete yoga convert doing two classes a week. I am amazed at what I can make by body do now from when I began. I feel stronger and so much more flexible than I did before I started Sarsha’s classes, thanks Sarsha for invoking in me a passion for Yoga.

    Sarah Churchill New Plymouth