Be fearless with what sets your soul on fire

Be fearless in what sets your soul on fire.



I use Yoga to create healing and freedom in the body. Theta Healing to break self sabotaging limiting belief patterns of the mind and Ecstatic dance to connect to your authentic soul self. It is when we understand and work with all aspects of self that we really can begin to create true freedom and joy in our lives. Sarsha Hope Wellness offers Yoga, Theta Healing, Ecstatic dance programs.


Women’s Wellness Retreat

11th Feb - 8th March 2019
Queenstown, NZ

Hit pause on your everyday routine and join us for this life-changing three-day retreat to break the bad habits that cause you stress, pain, unbalance and illness. Set in one of Glenorchy’s most inspiring locations, come and discover (or rediscover!) your good habits and cultivate a practice of calm, healthy breathing for a calm, healthy life. Starting 4 pm Thursday the 2nd of April till Sunday the 5th of April at 11.30am 2020, Camp Glenorchy, New Zealand.

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